This fall find yourself at the intersection of art and coffee as the MacKenzie Art Gallery introduces a new café and programming space to the public. It will be a place to engage the senses, a place to meet, exchange, discuss and build our communities. It will be a place for artists, creators and life-long learners.

“Craft services” is the center of a film set's social scene. The area is the great equalizer — the stars mingle with the lighting crew, and the director grabs the same snacks as the assistants. The quality of the spread can make or break the crew's experience. A good craft services crew is responsible for the physical and mental well-being of the entire set.

This is how we see our café; and we celebrate this tradition with the name Craft Services — a place where people meet, where all are equal, the food is nourishing, sustaining and flavourful. It is the creative engine for the creative industries, where visual art, food, music, poetry, film, movement and more will intermingle and create transformative experiences.

Led by the successful team behind 33 1/3 coffee roasters, our menu will be playful, approachable and always executed thoughtfully. With quality, honest ingredients that are locally sourced whenever possible, in a compostable, sustainable environment, Craft Services: MacKenzie Art Gallery Café provides a hub to fuel our creative communities. We see it as a link between the producers, the work of farmers, and the work of artistic people coming together to produce something inspired.

Craft Services: MacKenzie Art Gallery Café is where we all meet and deliciously come together.